The Business of Net Zero Commentary on the Commentary

The West of England COP26 event at We The Curious

On the 4th November, businesses across the West of England came together to discuss the business of net zero. Bristol’s Mayor Marvin Rees came straight from COP26 in Glasgow to bring back what he had learned. During his speech he told us that “there IS NO PLAN” and that Government would have to finance the targets they sought to achieve through our core cities.

Colin Skellett of Wessex Water was our keynote speaker, and followed with a succinct articulation of the challenge and also of what businesses could achieve in partnership, as they had done in the past in Bristol.

The whole day was focused on action, not just talk. and it was truly heartening to nourish our souls with the energy of like-minded corporate citizens, all wanting to play their parts.

You can see Nina Skubala’s account on the link below:

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