What is the West of England Initiative and how is it related to the Bristol Chamber of Commerce?

The Bristol and West of England Initiative grew out of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce as the Bristol Initiative, and is a business leadership team which enables the business community to positively influence the way our area is shaped, managed and developed.
Our vision is to bring leaders together to create a prosperous city region for all, where business and community thrives.
Our community is a collection of over 160 leading employers across a range of sectors in Bristol and the wider region, who are committed to creating an economically, sustainable and culturally prosperous region, devoid of inequality and poverty.
Our community is supported by a small staff of experts, organisers and campaigners, and is overseen by a non-executive board of influential business leaders. Established almost 40 years ago, the Initiative sits at the heart of Business West and works to help shape and influence policies and instigate change.
Essentially, the Initiative exists to help drive long-term change and progress to make the West of England the best place to live, work and learn for all our citizens. Alongside our core members sit a very wide range of business leaders and other strategic partners including the local authorities, WECA and Mayors from the region as we seek to influence across a raft of issues.
We work with Local and National Government, the Local Enterprise Partnership and the third sector. Our area of engagement covers the authorities of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset, and North Somerset.
The West of England Initiative and its partners are people with commitment and determination, motivated by the desire to create an economically and culturally prosperous region, devoid of inequality and poverty.

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