WS Atkins creating thriving places at Windsor Castle, 24-25th Feb

From the soil under our feet, to the water we drink and the air we breathe, we all share concerns about the future for our children and grandchildren, so to help develop some innovative solutions, this event – Creating thriving places for people and nature – is taking place at Windsor Castle.

The Windsor event is the brainchild of three West Country pioneers – architect and engineering consultant Zoe Metcalfe, adventurer Andy Middleton and geologist Geoff Carss. Based in Bristol with the event sponsor, the engineering consultancy Atkins, member of the SNC Lavalin Group (and a member of our Initiative), Zoe describes why this conference is so innovative…

“Urgent action must be taken, and events such as ours in Windsor, bringing together diverse groups of people, will help make it possible to create radical, pioneering, smart, joined-up solutions that work. 

For the Windsor event, we have purposefully sought out innovators in social and green prescribing, experienced educators working in and with nature with some of our most vulnerable and marginalised people, pioneering nature and environmental experts and scientists – space, data, and geospatial scientists, landowners, farmers, land guardians, engineers and designers, trusts, funders, financiers, nature conservation and restoration organisations, and many, many more. 

The concept is that with all of these people in the room, we hope to hear some animated debates, and make the most of the opportunity to see things from fresh perspectives. 

The format will bring people together from many different areas of life to discuss topics including – 

  • Climate adaptation to enhance climate resilience – nature-based regionally scaled solutions.
  • Net zero – nature-based solutions to increase carbon sequestration, clean air, clean water.
  • Ecological regeneration to deliver natural capital and biodiversity net gain. Recovering nature is everyone’s business. (Food resilience.)
  • Education and learning – generating future-fit children with an unshakeable confidence on their role in tackling climate change and ecological degradation.
  • Health and wellbeing – amplifying the scientifically proven connect between physical health, mental health and wellbeing and nature health.

The dream outcome would be agreement on a portfolio of well-structured initiatives, each with a leader and contributors team. And just as valuable as the discussions in the room, will be the friendships and partnerships formed so that the conversations continue to flow. Our greatest wish is for ideas and projects to evolve and take on lives of their own.”

Zoe has promised to report back in the next few weeks on both the outcomes of the event and also share her personal perspectives on the challenges faced in achieving such an ambitious vision… Thank you Zoe!

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